Design to Users
D2U results from a combination of over 20 years of professional experiences in Italy and abroad. Founded by Jacopo della Fontana and Corrado Caruso, D2U’s team is made of over 20 professionals such as architects, engineers, designers and technicians.

D2U offers creative and effective consultancy in the sector of architecture (Design) to (2) Clients with high standard expectations (Users) in terms of quality of the project and reliability of the service.

D2U develops creative solutions, compatible with the objectives, the financial restrictions and the practices of professional Clients.

D2U is a limited company (S.r.l.) with a capital of € 100.000,00.

Since 2012 D2U Design to Users is partner of PERSPECTIVE Architectural Group, an international network of architects and specialist consultants working together, offering the clients an holistic approach to design projects.