Design Services

Architecturing & consulting

D2U believes in architecture as a service to the client.

Architecturing and consulting means:
  • to understand all the aspects critical to the success of a project
  • to use the creative approach to maximize asset’s value
  • to believe in change offering flexible solutions for future transformation
  • engineering the project

Architecturing and consulting performs through:
  • identification of needs and objective's sharing
  • definition of the added value’s strategies
  • development of good and functional projects
  • control of quality, costs and time
  • benchmarking with international best practices

Activity sectors

Offices and workplace
with particular attention to the economic and technical components, interactions with the institutions and to smart working policies.

Retail, hospitality and leisure
with particular attention to the psychological and sociological aspects of interaction and expression.

with particular attention to most innovative design and sustainable models of living space.

Research and healthcare
with particular attention to technical and sociological aspects.